Discover Our Selection of Used Luxury Vehicles

Here at Ferrari of Atlanta, we do extensive checks on all of our used vehicles before we ever list them for sale. We want you to have the best ownership experience possible, so we comb through every used vehicle looking for any issues that need to be addressed. We want you to be able to rest at ease knowing that you are getting a high-quality used vehicle when you visit our showroom in Roswell.

Used Luxury Vehicles

Ferrari only makes sports cars, and all of their vehicles either come with a V8 or a V12. Very few Ferrari models come with more than two seats, so it is an experience that you will most likely be sharing with only one passenger in and around Marietta.

Ferraris are made to be driven on special occasions, and when you do drive them, they will provide you with the best driving experience in and around Johns Creek. Ferrari manages to make every moment special when you are behind the wheel.

What to Expect from Our Used Ferrari Inventory

As a Ferrari dealership, we're the place to come when you're looking to buy a used Ferrari, and, as you can see with the listings on this page, we have a lot of used luxury cars from Ferrari to consider. We provide a lot of info about our models in the form of video overviews and feature details, and you can get a quick breakdown, like the differences between coupes and convertibles, of what to expect from our used Ferrari inventory when you keep reading!

Used Ferrari Convertibles in Roswell, GA

Feeling the rush of air as you accelerate in your Ferrari is why so many of our customers choose to buy a used Ferrari convertible. Our Ferrari convertibles include popular models like the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Ferrari Portofino, and these models have massive engines, impeccable handling, and an experience unlike any other. You'll get a lot of use out of your used Ferrari convertible when the weather is nice, and the power convertible roofs protect from rain and other elements should the weather change quickly.

Used Ferrari Coupes for Sale

Of course, a used Ferrari coupe still offers exhilaration from their performance, and many drivers prefer having a solid top above them. Rain or shine, Ferrari coupes like the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari 488 GTB are ready to perform, and they have a lot of space for the passengers and even some for any cargo you're bringing!

Both these styles of Ferrari models share qualities, like style and power, as well as many features that will make enjoying your Ferrari even easier. If you have questions about our Ferrari models, applying for financing for a used Ferrari, or any other item to do with our dealership, be sure to contact us today!

See Our Used Luxury Vehicles at Ferrari of Atlanta

To learn more about our specific Ferrari models and other exotic cars we offer, you can visit Ferrari of Atlanta. Our team will be able to show you all of our used luxury vehicles. They can also help you narrow down your search to cars that have the features you are looking for. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle or a traditional used one we can get you the financing options you need today!

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