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Service Advisor

Vance Wells
Ferrari Service Writer

Although he is the newest member of our team, Vance is well known to our clients and the automotive community, as he began his career with us back in 2006 as a Maserati Service Writer. After moving cross-country for a time, he decided to come back to Atlanta and re-join us as our new Ferrari Service Advisor. 

And, because Vance has some of the most experienced Ferrari technicians in the county supporting him, clients can rest easy knowing that their vehicle is in good hands. 


Ferrari Technicians

Thomas Mckellar
Ferrari Technical Director & Master Technician

If you follow Ferrari closely, you may have heard about the time Thomas won the U.S. Ferrari challenge and received the prestigious honor of being invited to the Ferrari factory in Italy to compete. Or how he was one of the first nine awarded the title of Ferrari Master Technician in 2007. But most of his clients just know Thomas as the trustworthy man who seems to know exactly what their Ferrari needs to run as perfectly as it did the day it rolled off the factory floor, sometimes even better. Since joining Ferrari of Atlanta in 2001, he has worked on classic Ferraris, doing most of the Classiche certifications when they come in, including a Comp 512M (ex Pam racer), a 275 GTB/4 and several F40s. Considering nearly all Classiche certification cars are worth over $1m, Thomas truly feels honored to work with these Italian treasures. - Awarded 2015 Finalist for Ferrari Technician of the World. - Awarded 2015 Top Technician of the Year for Ferrari of The Americas. Training and Certifications: Ferrari North America Certified Master Technician 2007 A/C Certified Technician 1992 Ferrari Challenge Team experience Represented the U.S. in Ferrari World Technician Competition in Maranello, Italy ASE Certified Master Technician/L1

Ryan Field
Ferrari Master Technician

As a child, Ryan spent countless hours watching races with his father always wishing he could, one day, be able to get close to his dream cars. And as he grew older, he realized his passion for cars could lead to a very fulfilling career. After receiving extensive training with Bosch Engine Management Systems, he soon recognized his skills would translate very well to Ferrari. Today, Ryan is living his dream as a key member of the Ferrari of Atlanta family. When asked what his favorite part of this job is, Ryan will answer with no hesitation, "I enjoy the opportunity to maintain cars that increase in value each year and challenging myself to make my work perfect." Training and Certifications: Associates degree in Applied Technology Certification for all Audi models Accredited Audi Advanced Diagnostic Technician Hunter Alignment Trained Certified Nissan Technician

Richard Winfrey
Ferrari Master Technician

Richard's love of Ferraris has taken him across the nation, and even to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. While he loves to learn about new models, his true passion is working with the rare, older models including a 1952 Ferrari 166, and his favorite, the 1967 P3/4. In fact, Richard even reached a career milestone when he serviced a 330 P3/4. Aside from being an accomplished Ferrari Technician, Richard did quite a bit of Ferrari driving instruction while at Ferrari of La Mesa. Ask Richard what his favorite thing about Ferrari is and you'll get a simple, yet passionate answer, "For me, there is nothing like experiencing the thrill these cars bring in their element the race track." Training and Certifications: Ferrari North America Certified Master Technician 2007 ASE Certified Master Technician/L1 A/C Certified Technician 1992 Ferrari dealer employed since 1983 Ferrari Challenge Team experience

Ray Gilcher
Ferrari Master Technician

In his nine years at Ferrari of Atlanta, Ray has worked on models both new and old, including a 1969 365 GT 2+2. To complement his experience, Ray has completed "out of production" model training at Ferrari of North America for vehicles including the 308 to 360, the 288 GTO, F40, F5O, and Enzo. If you ask Ray why he enjoys working on older model Ferraris, he'll say it's because of their "character, ingenuity and simplicity." Training and Certifications: Maserati New Technician Introduction 2006 Maserati North America Registered Technician 2007 Maserati Basic Electrical 2007 A/C Certified Technician 2001 Certified Mercedes Benz Technician

Jesse Roede

Growing up in Sibley, Iowa, Jesse attended many Sprint Car races as a child. This ultimately led to his love of high performance sports cars. A ''Gearhead" at heart, Jesse attended UTI in Avondale, AZ and graduated at the top of his class. 

After moving to Atlanta, GA he began working for Hennessy Jaguar, then moved on to Global Imports MINI Cooper and remained there for 9 years. During this time he received his MINI Cooper Master Tech Certification.

Jesse quotes: "Never in a million years did I think I would be working at Ferrari of Atlanta. Ferrari Technicians are a rare breed, and its been very surreal to be working with such great machines and people who love the brand as much as I do." 

Garrett Gilmore
Ferrari Technician

Garrett has been interested in cars since he was a child, and was tearing things apart to see what made them tick. Later on he wanted to attend UTI and graduated at the top of his class. He started at Nalley Audi after graduating and was there for 5 years, and then moved to Jim Ellis Audi where he was the assistant shop foreman. He is now the newest member of Ferrari of Atlanta and is showing a promising career working on the Ferrari brand. So far his favorite Ferrari to work with is the F40.


After Sales

Evan Carey
After Sales Ambassador

Evans passion for beautiful cars was passed down from his father. That passion is one of the reasons he treats every car he works on as if it was his own. Evan has been detailing cars since 2006 before moving into automotive Operations Management in 2012 and regional automotive reconditioning Management in 2015, so he knows how to treat cars inside and out. For Evan, the best part of the job is standing back and admiring the finished product.



Mario Del Duca

Eduardo Nicholson

Christian Anglade



Chris Michalak

Chris remembers coming to Ferrari of Atlanta when he was a kid and seeing the F40. Now he gets to clean it! He has been in the automotive detailing industry for over 10 years and has had a passion for sports cars for as long as he can remember. Being able to work with one of the most iconic manufacturers in the world is a dream come true for him, and we are lucky to have him on our team.