Car batteries seem to work fine for months and months. Then, your car won't start. Could the weather have something to do with it? Yes, extreme weather temperatures can affect a car battery. That said, the battery's age and condition factors into things as well. An old and dying battery will be weaker than a new one. The weather, however, could kill even a new battery. Why so?

The colder the weather becomes, the less battery capacity there is. If the battery already suffers from diminished capacity, then the problem yields worse results. A reduced capacity doesn't help things when the battery powers the starter or accessories. The draw turns out to be too much, and the battery dies.

In Roswell summer heat, the battery also suffers. Summertime overcharging could also kill a battery.

How about getting your battery serviced before harsh temperatures arrive? Set up an appointment at Ferrari of Atlanta for a battery check.


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