In today's entry from Ferrari of Atlanta, we offer experience-based advice to help you clean your engine.

We recommend selecting a warm day that features low humidity. Your engine will dry faster. Due to the potential for interior damage, we also advise you not to clean a hot engine. You should be careful with electronic components located near your engine, too. Plastic bags can help. Additionally, disconnect your battery's negative post. Also, remove your engine's plastic attachments. If these are dirty, clean them in a basin.

Next, spray degreaser on your dirty engine. While automotive degreaser is easily available in Roswell, household formulas from a supermarket perform adequately. Scrub where needed. A metal brush may scratch your engine, so use a synthetic model. After giving your degreaser a chance to work, rinse your engine. Next, you can dry it with a lint-free towel. Before you restart your car, remove the plastic bags. Reconnect everything you detached, too.


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