You depend on your tires to provide contact with the asphalt at all times. If, at some point, one or more of your tires deflates, then it will be very difficult to control your vehicle. To help prevent this situation, here are some tips from Ferrari of Atlanta to help keep your tires intact.

One easy way to prevent blown tires is to watch your speed when you're near curbs or speed bumps in Roswell. Driving too quickly over these obstacles could cause a sudden blown tire that will leave you stranded on the side of the road. It's also important to look for damage to your tires, such as flat spots, that occurs as a result of improper use. Flat spots and other damage can cause weak areas in your tire that make them prone to blowouts.

If you notice a drop in your tires' performance, feel free to stop by our service center to have them inspected.


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