When you put the pedal to the metal, are you having trouble? If so, don't put it off. Here are some of the top reasons you may need to have your brakes checked out, before it's too late:

1. Soft Pedal- Does your pedal feel soft or squishy when you go to apply the brake? If so, it's likely an indicator that something is amiss. Rather than risk it, it's best to enlist the help of your local mechanic.

2. Shaky Stops- Upon applying your brake, do you notice that your vehicle rattles to a stop? This is yet another indicator that something is wrong, as you could be dealing with warped rotors.

3. Loud Noises- Not only are they jarring, but grinding noises when applying the brake aren't anything to ignore. This is the most common, yet also the most frightening, of the signs, so be sure to have your vehicle's brakes inspected, as soon as possible.



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