Filling The Cracks

If you see a chip in your windshield, you might not have to visit a professional to get the entire piece of glass replaced. As long as you don't see spider cracks extending from the chip, then there are a few steps you can take to repair it on your own. Most automotive stores have kits that you can get that include the proper tools for filling in the chip.

Before applying anything to your windshield, you need to clean the surface. Let it completely dry before applying resin to the chip. If you see any loose pieces of glass, then you should consider visiting Ferrari of Atlanta so that someone can look at the windshield to ensure that the pieces are removed and that the entire piece is sturdy.

Once the filler is inside the area that has been chipped, you can smooth the surface so that the material blends in with the surrounding glass. Avoid tapping on the glass as you don't want to cause further chips to occur.


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