Fluid leaks are common occurrences as cars age. The most common of them are water, coolant, gear and motor oil, transmission fluid and power-steering fluid. Although they are common, fluid leaks can be dangerous and costly. Ignoring or postponing repairs is not the answer to solving these issues, no matter how busy your schedule is.

It is inadvisable to drive with fluid levels lower than the manufacturer-recommended ones. Driving a vehicle without motor oil, for example, will render your car inoperable. Each of these fluids have their purpose and must be maintained accordingly.

Make room in your busy schedule to get those leaks taken care of. The good folks at Ferrari of Atlanta have certified mechanics that service and maintain vehicles for the residents of Roswell. Not only will they ensure that your fluid levels are at the required level, they will examine their condition as well. Your safety behind the wheel is much more valuable than your busy schedule.


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