Anyone who's ever had a flat tire can tell you it can be aggravating, stressful and time-consuming. Being aware of certain safety precautions can make all the difference. Our team at Ferrari of Atlanta is very knowledgeable in tire maintenance and how to deal with roadside emergencies like flat tires. Here are some safety precautions to take if and when you have a flat tire on the road.

  • Be sure the vehicle is parked on level and solid ground.
  • Make sure vehicles is on the side of the road and far from oncoming traffic. 
  • Make sure emergency or hazard flashers are on to alert other drivers.
  • Use parking blocks
  • Use emergency triangles to alert others of your dilemma.
  • Read instructions in your owner's manual regarding replacing a flat tire. 

Our dealership in Roswell offers a full line of automotive supplies, including tires and tire replacement supplies. Being prepared can be the best precaution.



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