Are your car payments getting to be difficult to make? Have you been considering trading it in just for lower payments? As much as getting a newer vehicle may appeal to you, refinancing may be a better idea. Our team at Ferrari of Atlanta is eager to assist you in making the right choice for you and your family. Here are some times when refinancing may be the best choice.

• Interest rates are lower than when you originally purchased the vehicle.
• Your financial situation has improved since you bought the vehicle.
• You’re happy with the vehicle and don’t wish to trade it in for a new one.
• Your new monthly payments will be lower.
• Your vehicle is old and will not get you much in a trade-in.

If you’ve decided that refinancing might be in your best interest, come to our Roswell dealership. Coming to see us for your financing needs may also be in your best interest, so see you soon!


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