Taking a car for a test drive is a great way to get a feel of the driving experience in a vehicle you're considering purchasing. While it's important to enjoy the emotional aspect of buying a car, you must incorporate logic and practicality into your final decision. Below are two steps you can take to help you make the right choice.

1) List the things you want in a car and see how that feature or experience measures up to your expectations once you're behind the wheel. Drive over different surfaces and note the car's response to each.

2) Review the vehicle's history report to learn about its past. The VHR documents pertinent information that could help you decide if the car is right for you.

You can browse through Ferrari of Atlanta's pre-owned inventory online even before docking the door of the dealership. Once you know what you'd like to test drive, call Ferrari of Atlanta and schedule an appointment. We are certain that the features you want in a car are somewhere on our lot.


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