How to Control Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

There are more places than ever to bring our furry friends, from pet-friendly restaurants to dedicated dog parks. Most pets love the ride as much as the destination, but with their propensity to leave fur on the upholstery, it's a good idea to implement some kind of system before your car is overwhelmed with pet hairs.

Use a few tips from professional pet handlers for removing stubborn pet hairs, like wearing a pair of rubber gloves and lightly spritzing the upholstery while rubbing in one direction with your gloved hands. The fur will bunch into rolls which can be easily discarded. Blow up a balloon and rub it on the upholstery, creating static cling which will attract the hairs almost like magic.

You can keep a cleaning kit in your trunk with a lint roller and a spray bottle, rubber gloves, a balloon and other items for quick cleanups when necessary.



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