Our Ferrari of Atlanta team loves to talk safety features, an ever-evolving field of driver-assist tech that gets better every year. The blind-spot monitor is the tech feature of the day, but what is it exactly? Following is a quick rundown.

Eyes in Back of Your Head

A blind spot monitor detects vehicles in your blind spot as you're driving through Roswell or out in the country. The monitor uses mirrors, lasers or sensors, giving you a heads up with either a vibrating driver's seat or a light in your driver's side mirror.

The blind spot monitor isn't quite standard yet, so it has some other names. Some manufacturers call it a lane-departure warning, or a land-change assist features. Each form serves the same purpose, helping you stay abreast of your blind spot before you make key navigational changes on the open road.

What the Numbers Say

It's a shame that blind-spot monitors aren't standard. In 2015, they minimized crash injuries by up to 23%. Unfortunately, blind-spot monitors were standard on less than 9% of 2017 model year vehicles. Fortunately, you don't have to buy a vehicle with this feature to see it in action. Swing by our dealership today for a test drive, and experience the lifesaving efficiency of a blind-spot monitor.


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