How to Use Four-Wheel Drive: Understanding the Difference Between 4H and 4L

Four-wheel drive capability makes it easier for drivers to safely navigate slick, icy, and uneven roads. With four-wheel drive, Roswell motorists can easily traverse terrain that might send two-wheel drive vehicles off onto the shoulder. Drivers can get better traction, experience better handling, and enjoy greater control. At Ferrari of Atlanta, we believe that the key to getting the most out of your four-wheel drive vehicle lies in understanding how to use it.

What 4H Is And When To Engage It

Four-high or high-range four-wheel drive is perfect for negotiating icy, snowy, or wet roads while traveling at normal speeds. This is the perfect setting for cold winter months and sketchy conditions. You can also use it when traveling over packed sand, mud, or loose-gravel surfaces.

Keep Your Speeds Modest When Using 4L

4L is your vehicle's setting for low-range four-wheel drive. It's only meant for use when traveling under 40 mph. Rather than engaging this setting when the weather is a bit off, use it for tough, challenging terrain, such as when going off-road or traveling through unincorporated areas with minimal infrastructure. It's perfect for climbing rocks, moving across deep sand, and crossing water. If you live in a perpetually snowy region, you can even use it for crossing loose-packed snow. For more information on getting the most out of your four-wheel drive, or to check out our current inventory of four-wheel drive vehicles, visit us at Ferrari of Atlanta today.


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