Eliminate Odors in Your Vehicle and Enjoy the Ride

Do you have a bad odor in your car? At Ferrari of Atlanta we want you to be an informed vehicle owner. Here are some tips for removing odors and driving a clean car that you enjoy.

Clean and Vacuum First

Remove all items from the car, including anything that is in between the seats or underneath the floor mats.

Home Remedies

There are plenty of home remedies you can try to remove the stink from your car. You can try pouring cat litter, charcoal or baking soda on the floors and vacuuming it up after a couple of hours. You may also want to try leaving a cup of coffee grounds or white vinegar overnight.

Last Resorts

​In the last resort, you may want to use an ozone generator or odor bomb to kill bacteria that have formed in the interior. Visit us in Roswell for all of your car odor consultations.


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